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The Wizard's Personal Page

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A Brief Biography

me2.jpg (21036 bytes)Let me introduce myself. I am David E. Bell, a.k.a. The Gray Wizard. The Gray came with age while the Wizard came with experience in my profession. I've got 57+ years invested in the former and more than 30 years in the latter, While the gray of my beard is clearly recognizable in the image on the left, the wizardry has been acquired over many years as an information technology professional (No, I am not a linguist nor an astronomer by either training or profession). My formal training has been in mathematics and computer science.

A wizard's world is full of magic and enchantment and the Gray Wizard is no exception. Let me now introduce you to some of the magical people responsible for that enchantment.

The Archmage and Her Majesty

Mom and Dad The Archmage, First of the Bell Clan, the Wizard's Father, my Dad. Recently lost to us in this world, I like to think of him as gone "West-over-Sea" to the Blessed Realm of amman, where he now dwells serenely among the nardhost. Or perhaps he seeks adventures among the rándhin nomads in the remote enénsahar desert east of the eröid elorenath. Wherever he now dwells be it known that I miss him dearly. Perhaps when some enterprising service provider sets up shop in amman, I can send him email and tell him once more how much I still love him.

hermajesty.jpg (66385 bytes)     Her Majesty, Matriarch of the Bell Clan, the Wizard's Mother, my Mom. The most giving and caring person I have ever known, the very definition of motherhood. Facing a new beginning without the Archmage, she has once again proved her resilience and strength. Life continues at 87!! I love you, Mom!


Of these forebears I am truly proud. They say we cannot choose our parents, but had I been given the opportunity, I could not have made a better choice.

The Wizard and The Wizardess

The Wizard and his Wife marlis.jpg (52853 bytes)Marlis Hundertmark, born and raised in Stroit, Germany came to these shores in 1974. Ten years later she was to meet and win the Wizard's heart. A loving mother, a kind and gentle soul, a bright and effervescent personality, a wizardess of charm. On New Year's Eve 1984, the Wizard took Marlis Hundertmark for his bride and for the last sixteen magical years she has been wife, best friend, soul-mate and lover. For the Wizard, life is his bride.

The Sorcerer and The Sorceress

kiribrian.jpg (44076 bytes)On August 20, 1973, the Wizard accomplished his greatest feat of magic. He became the father of the world's most perfect daughter. Akira (Kiri) Bell, now Akira Johnson, known to her family as Kiri and called Squeezie by her father alone, a true Sorceress in her own right. I have fond memories of teaching her to count, tutoring her in mathematics, showing her how to program in Basic at age seven. Now, a recent graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Civil Engineering and Operations Research, she has embarked on a career in consulting (following the Wizard's footsteps). A young woman who makes it all too easy to be proud of her, a young woman with a brilliant future ahead of her. On October 4, 1997, she married Dr. Brian Johnson, a PhD chemist whom she had met at Princeton. They have been happily making magic ever since. Carpe Diem y'all!

In July 2000, Kiri and Brian announced that they were expecting twins.  The miracle continues.  Check out some recent fotos taken on a weekend trip to the expectant Johnson's including a trip to Lambertville for Sunday Breakfast.

Dscn0048.jpg (84664 bytes)

(My Mother and our Mother and Father to be.)



The Adventure of Sam and E.J.

Dscn0044.jpg (50861 bytes)     
     And now as the ultimate act of magic and wonder, Kiri and Brian became the parents of  a boy and a girl.  Samantha Laurel and Ethan Jordan, two brand new additions to our family arrived January 24th amidst a puff of smoke.  Honi soit qui mal y pense! ... Presto Chango! ... Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches!  Alakazaam!  I'm a Grandfather.  Just call me Pop Pop.

Check out their adventures here.

Brother_and_Sister_reunited.jpg (390776 bytes)

The Wizard's Accomplices

family.jpg (170344 bytes)My mother and my siblings.  Left to right.  

Anthony (Tony) Bell, Wizard of the West, Retired.  
Patricia (Pat) Holloway, Sorceress Retired (standing).  
Louise (Ma) Bell, The Matriarch (seated).  
John (Sonny) Bell, Radio Wizard of NYC's famed Z-100.  
The Gray Wizard, hisself!!

12a.jpg (57657 bytes)

Visit my world traveling brother Tony's Site   

jbell.jpg (16806 bytes)

Check out my deejay brother at radio station Z-100



The Bell Clan Assembled

15f.jpg (80142 bytes)

Most of the clan gathered in New York City for a Christmas 1998 Jingle Bell Dinner.


The Wizard's Apprentices

missy_tabby.jpg (13282 bytes)

The Wizard's cats:

Missy Mestopheles (up front) and

Rum-Tum Tabitha Tribbles (behind). 

Moshi-Moses (not pictured)

 If there be such a thing as reincarnation, please let me return as a cat-lover's cat!

The Wizard and Albert

The Wizard's First Computer  

A snapshot of the wizard with his first personal computer (Albert) circa 1977.


Views from "The Bridge"

starmap.jpg (45678 bytes)bridge.jpg (32570 bytes)

"The Bridge" where the Wizard performs his magic, both computational and astronomical.